Rancho Santana

Horseback riding and guesthouse in Peru, Chiclayo

We do offer horse riding tours through world's largest dry forest "Sanutario Historico Bosque de Pomac" National Reserve visiting the Pyramids of Lord of Sican-Batangrande of Lambayeque Culture, the Pyramids of Tucume, the largest arqueological Site of Old Peru and the last Moche Temple Huaca Bandera Tourism on horseback, where you enjoy a wonderful countryside surrounded by nature a place full of vegetation and animals, our farm will be the starting point for the different tours on horse, a diferent way of visiting archeological sites, relaxing and birdwatching. Riding a horse in Peru a way of apreciating the beautiful nature and culture of its land.

We are also offering riding vacations where you will stay several days on our farm and will be riding every day visiting all the important archeological sites nearby.

Riding on our typical Peruvian Pasohorses make even inexperienced riders feel comfortable.

We are offering a guesthouse, lodging, accommodation, hostel in Chiclayo Lambayeque